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About us

We never sleep

We are interested in many things in life. Open to the world, we read a lot, reflect on the things in life so we enjoy many things besides photography. For example, travel has been a part of our life from the very beginning, and we have lived through several adventures. ?

It was like a wonder to find each other, maybe an accident / destiny / whatever it may be! Because that is what lets two people build up something new, and find themselves.

We live in a happy marriage for several years now, we have a son, and we still keep thinking every day about how to surprise our friends and family members. We just can’t sit back, we love to take photos, to organise things and to participate in adventures.

Our own wedding gave us the last push to not just surprise only ourselves. We loved our wedding and every step we had taken to get there. From the planning until the “last dance” in the morning. Searching for the venues and service, the band rehearsals and wine tastings :), preparing the gifts and surprises; and then we were waiting for The Moment. We are more than happy to assist every Couple with the organisation as well.

All our photographers have their own “voice”, their own visual style. Nevertheless, we are strongest as a team.

Anett is a tiny but unwavering lady. She is who keeps us down to earth. She is a logical thinker, and has proved several times that we do need a feminine eye. She makes the material affectionate.

Attila is a dreamer who has his head in the clouds. Always ready to make fun, he wants many things at many times. Insistent, always ready to search, experiment and create whenever he has time.

In addition, we cooperate with several assistant photographers. And we are also happy to work as assistants of other photographers. Thus, everyone can work in their own style on the Big Day.This way, we can combine photographers to capture a variety of perspectives at a high standard.

Making good photos is an important thing, BUT! We believe that everything depends on the details. They give the spice!


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