Wedding Photography. Wedding Photojournalism

Honestly: wedding photography found us, charmed us, and we LOVE IT ever since!

What we get from You Couples, cannot be described by words.

We take pictures of emotional moments, cosiness and a tiny drop of adventure. When photographing a wedding, we can experience all these, and we cannot enjoy anything more than the moment we can present you your photos. Giving is a joy, and we love to give! We perceive that emotions are essential for creativity! Every wedding is a unique experience for us. Don’t hesitate to contact us for engaging us at your wedding!

We look for passionate people, like us!

„Story is the King”

Visual story-telling, or what we call it, wedding photojournalism. It tells every highlight of a wedding from the first minute until the last, like in a novel.

Let’s talk about your expectations!

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We have lived through several weddings but we still fever for you and with you before the Big Day!

Photographing a wedding is like a wonderful journey, which takes countless preparations.

There is a great quotation for this

“You don’t have to be the best. Just better than last week.”

Jerry Ghionis

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